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14.11.2012 (2629 Days Ago)
Title8 Roads to More Referrals

8 Roads to More Referrals According to one study 86% of surveyed customers would refer their broker to their friends, yet only 12% were ASKED . Another study found that a referral is up to 15 times more likely to do business with you than a cold prospect. TIP's survey confirms these studies. The top technique is Referrals Cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches from clients, and non-clients. And the book, Business by Referral by Misner and Davis, reveals more. Their survey, The Most Effective Ways to Generate Referrals , of 2,350 business professionals produced these ratings: 1. Networking groups. 81% 2. Ask orally. 72% 3. Ask in writing. 33% 4. Incentives. 23% 5. Seminars/Speaking. 21% 6. Recognition. 19% 7. Internet/online service. 8% 8. Subscribe to referral service. Chamber of Commerce; * Strong-contact networks: only one membe Replica Watches r per profession, meet to exchange leads; * Community Service Clubs: such as Rotary, Kiwanas, etc.; * Professional associations: single industry groups (CMA); * Social/business groups: dual purpose combining business with pleasure, such as the Jaycees; * Women's business groups: paralleling old-boys networks. As no single group will serve all your needs, they suggest joining more than one, but of different types. Asking orally and in writing , is best done with an open-end phrase such as "Who do you know who.?" that invites the listener to suggest names. It will garner more leads than "Do you know anybody who.?" which can be answered with a yes or no. Incentives can range from a simple oral thank you, all the way up to monetary rewards based on business generated. Online networking is a new and rapidly growing source of referrals, as there is an Internet site for almost every subject, where people interested in it exchange opinions. Use a search engine to find a few you like, and join in. Referral services are nothing more than paid advertising on demand, requiring the prospect to initiate the contact, which is why it has such a low effectiveness rating.

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