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14.11.2012 (2626 Days Ago)
TitleBrett Crezski

Brett Crezski (SPOILERS FOR THE GATES, YE BE WARNED) Brett and his mother moved to the closed, upper crust community called The Gates after his only brother and his father were shot by hunters while runnin Fake Watches for sale g in wolf form. There he began building friendships with other teenagers, a relationship with a girl he thought he loved, and making his own place in the established pack living inside the mini-township. That all changed when the new chief of police and his family moved into Brett's world, and his girlfriend was immediately drawn to the new kid at school. Out of frustration, he strayed from his carefully structured life to join the adolescent pack of werewolves in breaking some of the supposedly smaller rules, and things went out of control from there; he got a bit of a wake up call after being forced to kill a hunter that shot the leader of the adolescent pack, and conti Fake Watches nually tried to mend his relationship with his girlfriend until she finally dumped him altogether. He withdrew somewhat from his friends and pack, then, continuing to run with them but not really becoming invested despite the attentions of the only female werewolf in his age group; but he was still loyal, taking measures to protect his pack at danger to himself when they brought problems to him while their Alpha was out of commission. When he found out that his ex-girlfriend was actually part succubus, explaining why both Brett and the new kid became so unreasonable over her affections, he made another bid to get together with her; her powers drain the life force from her lovers, and he insisted that because he was a werewolf, he could withstand it much better than a regular human (read: That other guy). Ultimately she refused him, and ended up leaving the Gates completely. Her (unintentional) influence over Brett has not quite let him recover from this, emotionally. (Brett is an adolescent werewolf from a canon that has structured them very much like the stereotypical wolf pack: absolute submission to the acting Alpha, one pack per territory, death to betray the pack, desire to do anything for the pack, etc. As he is not mature, he gets away with breaking the rules more than an adult would, but his is a clear Beta personality in any case. He is not a leader, but neither will he follow a leader weaker than himself. The loss of his father and brother and his experiences with his girlfriend and the leader of the adolescent pack, though, have left him mildly untrusting and solitary. For a social werewolf.) Appearance Brett is seventeen years old and the typical active teenager; 5'11" with moderately pale skin, medium brown hair worn short, and heavy-browed bluegreen eyes. He played football so he's pretty well but appropriately muscled for an adolescent, and he's in good physical condition from running in the forest. In wolf form he is solidly built and moderately sized, his pelt a mixture of grey and brown with lighter tan under markings and nearly black guardhairs in some places. His eyes turn golden brown when he is about to change forms, or when his temper flares. (Played by Colton Haynes) Personality Brett is a good person who genuinely cares about his friends and loves his family, but he struggles with a temper and the frustration of growing up under his mother's fierce and iron-clad protectiveness and the ghost of his brother and father. He is loyal but young, intelligent but headstrong, and often feels isolated despite being hardwired to be social. Generally friendly, he becomes harsh if he feels threatened, and ever since being replaced seamlessly by the new kid on campus despite trying to play nice and be a good person, he becomes jealous easily. Has shown tendencies towards being willing to bend or break rules to protect the people he cares about, or in the interest of his pack. He tends towards being very direct if he wants something or has an opinion.

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